Superintendent’s Update

Posted On Friday June 07, 2024

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

Join me in celebrating the excitement and vibrancy of learning during the day and in the evenings at schools and community venues. We continue to focus on building connections, while nurturing wellbeing, sustainability, and equity as core commitments in the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan.

Kay Bingham Elementary School

As I walked into the school, Ms. Hebner from Kamloops Music Collective was leading a large group of students to play tub drums. This was a wonderful, energetic way to start the day.

Principal Caputo and I then visited Ms. Aaltonen’s Grade 1 class who were engaged in varied literacy activities—some were completing a written prompt: which dessert is best (choosing between ice cream and cupcakes). Jackson (student) shared how much he loved blue, purple, and orange ice cream with his grandpa.

Liam, another student, walked me into the hall to share his sister’s art for the Heritage Stamp contest. He was so proud to share her talents!

Ms. Read’s Kindergarten class was working on word sounds by listening to clusters and then identifying key sounds. For example, in “door” and “floor”, they said all together, “It’s ‘or’”. Ms. Petty’s and Ms. Ellis’ K–1 class was reading independently, in partners, and small groups. A few students were labeling key vocabulary words and coloring pictures that matched them.

Ms. Henderson’s and Ms. Bujas’ Kindergarten class was washing their hands to get ready for recess. They stopped to share their “I wonder” pictures, which were beautifully painted. Ms. Young (Learning Assistant Resource Teacher) was working with a small reading group. Mr. Johnson and Ms. McCowan were in the library and students had just chosen books and were reading. I spoke with one student who had selected two books about the history of Kamloops, and others who had a range of popular series novels and graphic novels.

Ms. Kelly’s Grade 5–6 class were heading outside for recess. After recess, Ms. Hebner was working with Grade 4–6 to play ukuleles. They played three notes and a number of songs. Ms. Brennan and Ms. Pye’s Grade 6 students were responding to a picture prompt to describe and then write their inferences about what was happening in the picture.

Liam (student) wanted to share how important the mood meter is to the class and as he shared that each day, each student puts their magnet on a word to describe how they are feeling that day, it was good because “the teacher will talk to you if you choose ‘sad’”, and “it lets us know when someone wants to be ‘quiet’”. Wraiden added, “it is important to see if you can have a better day, too.” Liam and Wraiden also showed how every student has a sticky and writes a personal goal for the day on it.  As we continued, they shared how they all knew each other because Ms. Brennan requires them “to switch table groups every day.” A small group of students were planning the “Fun Day” and organizing the logistics of the day. This kind of leadership helps them to own the day and to lead it proudly.

Mr. Cory Swain, plumber, was working on the sink, and he shared that it has been a “group effort” to finish the kitchen. Crystal had designed and installed the shelving, and Ms. Mattes approved a new dishwasher, which Mr. Swain said he was installing that day.

Ms. Vermey’s Grade 1–2 class was engaged in music and Ms. Gardner was supporting. Overall, it is a busy day of learning at Kay Bingham, and students and staff were enjoying themselves.

Sníne Elementary School Groundbreaking Ceremony

On Monday, June 3, 2024, the Kamloops-Thompson Board of Education marked the start of construction on Sníne Elementary School with an official Groundbreaking Ceremony. Sníne Elementary, the Kamloops-Thompson’s newest school, will be located in Pineview Valley. This school has been a priority for the District since 2014-2015, due to notable enrollment growth and space pressures in nearby schools. Read more.

Cariboo Mainline Student Wins Bronze at a Canada Wide Science Fair

In the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan, the Intellectual Development priority aims to provide opportunities for students to develop the ability to analyze critically while learning reason and to think independently. Participation in Science Fairs is one way that students can develop these skills while learning to discover, experiment, and innovate. The Canada Wide Science Fair (CWSF) is an annual event hosted by Youth Science Canada that celebrates the top 400 students across Canada with exceptional projects in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and innovation. For 62 years, CWSF has brought students from all across the country together to discover, innovate, and inspire each other. Read more.

Barriere Secondary student wins Bronze at the 2024 Skills Canada National Competition

The 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan has the mission of “supporting environments that provide accessible and empowering opportunities to thrive.” Barriere Secondary School’s Alexis Nelson recently won a Bronze medal in Welding at the 2024 Skills Canada National Competition in Quebec. Skills Canada promotes skilled trade and technology careers to Canadian youth. Each year, more than 500 Canadian youth compete in over 40 skilled trade and technology competitions at SCNC. Read more.

Kamloops-Thompson School District Celebrates Aboriginal Graduation

On Monday, June 3, 2024, we had the privilege of taking part in the annual Aboriginal Graduation ceremony with over 250 Aboriginal graduates. Thank you to District Principal Bowden and the organizing committee for preparing student emcees to lead us, and for the ceremonial procession with drummers and a welcome that provided an opportunity to connect with graduates and their families. I look forward to this graduation at the start of grad season because it is a spiritually moving processing that grips our minds and hearts. Read more.

Thank you for participating in special projects, field trips, and events to make learning enjoyable and to celebrate the successes of students in graduations and awards ceremonies.

Rhonda Nixon, PhD


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