Superintendent’s Update

Posted On Friday November 25, 2022

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

In November, we focused on the core value of sustainability and the Grandfather Teaching, Love in the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan. As a community, we are devoted to the care of every person and supporting learning opportunities to enable everyone to thrive.

In our District Strategic Plan, Eagle (spel?qwéqs) represents Love (xwexwi7úystem). He is our messenger. Eagle is the one who is closest to tqeltkúkwpi7 and sends positive thoughts and good medicine to the Creator. Many school communities that focused on love shared examples of kindness, helpfulness, and generosity, all expressions of being good to one another.

Dufferin Elementary School

Principal Cumming and I met Mrs. McGarry who shared that she was excited to engage in collaborative problem solving with white boards in Mathematics. We continued our classroom visits in Mrs. Lovett’s Gr. 3-4 class where they sang “Sing for Peace '' in staggered verses. Ms. Eacrett’s Gr. 3-4 class had created salmon life cycle books using a book creator software. Mrs. Keith was teaching a game in Phys. Ed. with Mrs. Cross’ Gr. 1-2. As we walked class to class, I noticed the beautiful student art gallery and was fortunate to meet Mr. Trevor Dick, the custodian who had made the wooden display as well as all staff names on wooden plates throughout the school. Ms. Lofgren’s Gr. 2-3s were writing leaf books based on their reading of the Leaf Thief and then sharing their different versions. We stopped in the Learning Commons where Mrs. Taylor-Hanson was working on a display. Mrs. Thomas’s K-1 class was reading, and Ms. Preymak’s class was solving Mathematics problems. Ms. Carter’s Kindergarten students shared a warm welcome in song and action, and Ms. Dalsin’s Gr. 4-5 class showed their salmon paintings. Mr. Cumming shared, “I am so lucky to be working with staff who are fully engaged in professional learning in literacy. Their passion inspires students to want to read, write, and share.”

TRU Transitions Day for Aboriginal Students

On November 24, 2022, grade 10 and 11 students from across the district gathered to learn from Thompson Rivers University Aboriginal students and staff about different programming and career pathways. District Principal Bowden and district staff also joined to support. When I spoke with a few students as they were just starting the day, one knew what they wanted to do and many were unsure and looked forward to learning about career options. Elder Auntie Sandy started our time with a beautiful prayer. Cicyetkwu Bennett-Dunstan ASP Transitions Coordinator was the MC who organized the sessions. Thank you to District Principal Bowden, SD73 school and district staff, and TRU staff and students who collaborated to assist students to see ways to transition into post-secondary, which is one important goal of our Career Development Priority in the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan.

SD73’s English Language Learners Continue to Grow and Thrive in Our Schools

This year, we have welcomed over 150 new English language learners (ELL) in our school communities for a total of 330 English language learners in our district. Overall, we have seen an increase of 80 ELL students from last year.  Our District English Language Learner Services team is committed to welcoming students whose language is not English into caring, inclusive learning communities that inspire risk-taking and growth in English language learning. Read more. Thank you to the District English Language Learner Services Team for sharing their work to support learners to develop language and literacy competencies, which are central to the Intellectual Development Priority in the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan.

Art Is the Literacy of the Heart

“Art is the literacy of the heart” is attributed to Elliot Eisner, a famous educational researcher. As we live, learn, and work together on the beautiful unceded territories of the Secwepemc peoples, it is an opportunity to reflect on how being in certain spaces inspires us to feel connected to that place. South Kamloops Secondary School (SKSS) Art teacher Lisa Yamaoka shared how she provided learning opportunities to students designed to invite them to investigate personally meaningful aspects of place. Thank you for sharing progress on the Intellectual Development Priority in the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan. Read more.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

Rhonda Nixon, PhD


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